Slide, 2012 > Final Images

Slide was an artist-in-residence project which took place at the Huntington Beach Art Center in Huntington Beach, CA, during March, 2012.

The project started with twenty-two flat, metal boxes containing over 6,000 art history slides. I collected hundreds more slides from friends and acquaintances as well. These images, like many on the Internet, are without background information and have been mixed together and juxtaposed. I have partial knowledge of some of the images, but many are now free floating without context. The slides themselves are also rapidly becoming obsolete.

The slides were the a starting point and I approached the gallery as an evolving installation. The random juxtapositions of slide imagery became stacks and stacks of slide frames in various arrangements, and large scale, tracings on the walls. The work was constantly changing, and the results were both lasting and ephemeral.

artist residency project using old slides
Slide, installation view
projected images, paint, actual slides and slide boxes