• soundplay <=> southbay

    soundplay <=> southbay

    soundplay <=> southbay

    April 27 – June 1, 2024

    at Angels Gate Cultural Center

    Launching soundpedro2024, soundplay <=> southbay provides both glimpse and glitch into 20 years of sound and listening. Bridging time and underscoring the joint legacies of SoundWalk and soundpedro, this exhibit traces events from 2004 to 2024 and considers the future.

    Artifacts, video, and audio documentation.

    Curated by FLOOD in collaboration with Cecelia Koger and Annie Parsons.

    June 1, 2024, 7 - 10pm
    On Saturday, June 1, join us for Charivari, the on-site activation of soundpedro2024, which will include live performances and sound installations in the gallery and on the grounds. FREE.


  • soundprints as part of nomad II, 2023

    soundprints as part of nomad II, 2023


    an installation and sound-sensitive performance by Betsy Lohrer Hall in collaboration with several sound artists

    lull; a gathering towards quietist contemplation

    as part of
    nomad II produced by the Torrance Art Museum

    Sun, Oct 29, 2023 12noon - 6 pm

    Participating Artists: Abacus • Amabelle Aguiluz • Betsy Lohrer Hall • Brandon Auger • comar muwaren & Chung Shih Hoh • Devin Sarno • George Sarah • Hamscholar • Jacob Wolff • Marc Perez & Alessandro Rovegno • Martin Espino • Pablo Perez • Phog Masheeen • Squash & Biscuit, Taylor Donofrio • Takeshi Kanemura & Cris Law • Yadira Dockstader • Young Tseng • and more.


  • soundpedro 2022

    soundpedro 2022

    Here Hear
    in proximity, in real time
    a participatory sound-sensitive project by Betsy Lohrer Hall
    as part of soundpedro 2022

    From April 9 - June 4, Betsy Lohrer Hall engaged in a variety of sound-sensitive, site-interactive, and participatory activities in Angels Gate Park and the Pt. Fermin region of San Pedro. The explorations culminated in a solo installation of her work in the downstairs gallery at Angels Gate Cultural Center on June 4, 7-10pm, as part of the on-site portion of soundpedro 2022, and in conjunction with Noise Jam, a performance by choreographer Kensaku Shinohara and several collaborators.

    link: soundpedro

  • NOMAD 2021

    NOMAD 2021

    a site-responsive, context-specific installation by Betsy Lohrer Hall
    as part of

    August 28 and 29, 2021

    The biggest pop-up show of contemporary art in Southern California history with 400+ artists participating. Curated by Max Presneill and hosted by The Torrance Art Museum in a temporary site at the Del Amo Crossing.