• soundpedro 2022

    soundpedro 2022

    Here Hear
    in proximity, in real time
    a participatory sound-sensitive project by Betsy Lohrer Hall
    as part of soundpedro 2022

    From April 9 - June 4, Betsy Lohrer Hall engaged in a variety of sound-sensitive, site-interactive, and participatory activities in Angels Gate Park and the Pt. Fermin region of San Pedro. The explorations culminated in a solo installation of her work in the downstairs gallery at Angels Gate Cultural Center on June 4, 7-10pm, as part of the on-site portion of soundpedro 2022, and in conjunction with Noise Jam, a performance by choreographer Kensaku Shinohara and several collaborators.




    a site-responsive, context-specific installation by Betsy Lohrer Hall
    as part of

    August 28 and 29, 2021

    The biggest pop-up show of contemporary art in Southern California history with 400+ artists participating. Curated by Max Presneill and hosted by The Torrance Art Museum in a temporary site at the Del Amo Crossing.