works on paper > 7 x 7, 2019

abstract art using gouache paint and graphite
7 x 7, day 1
gouache, graphite, on paper
12 x 9” unframed

This is the FIRST image in a 7-part series, from a collaboration called "Planets of Foreign Words" made with writer Eric Ingram.

This project was "played" via email over a period of 14 days. We abided by the creative parameters set by : "Any outward discussion for the purpose of clarification of themes, images, or ideas that arise during the play is strictly prohibited; players can only 'clarify' the exchange in real time play, by advancing the collaboration with words or an image. The visual artist is limited to one image per turn. A turn of written work should not be longer than a single double-spaced page or 300 words. It is suggested that turns are created in one sitting and that they take no more than 2 hours to complete."