installations > Hear Here, 2022

installation art, paper, graphite, paint, charcoal, Betsy Lohrer Hall, soundpedro, Angels Gate Cultural Center
Here Hear (installation view)
paper, charcoal, paint, time

Here Here, 2022
(installation view)

The Here Hear project was an invitation to temporarily set aside usual activities—to deliberately slow down and focus on the present moment: the physical body, in real time; the direct perception of sound and nature.

April 9th marked the beginning of artist Betsy Lohrer Hall’s project. This was a series of sound studies: a variety of sound-sensitive, site-interactive activities that took place in and around Angels Gate Cultural Center and continued through June 4, 2022. She and several collaborators, working in a variety of ways, considered the physical experience of sound perception, experimented with sound making, and responded creatively. She offered meditative sound experiences to the public as well as part of We Rise L.A.

These explorations culminated in a one-night show in the downstairs gallery at Angels Gate Cultural Center on Saturday, June 4, 2022, 7-10pm as part of soundpedro 2022. The exhibition featured new works by Betsy Lohrer Hall, traces of sound activities, and creative responses made by invited artists.