installations > Hear Here, 2022

installation art, paper, paint, graphite, Betsy Lohrer Hall, soundpedro, Angels Gate Cultural Center
Here Hear, Here Mala
paint, graphite, paper, memories
8' x 14" x 12"

Here Mala, 2022

This is a piece that is meant to be chanted either aloud or to one's self. It is 108 memories of things and people at Angels Gate Cultural Center, from the artist's perspective.

A few selected lines:

"here he shared a vial of his collected tears, and his friend - his secret wishes"

"here she threw dirt in her own face and fiercely rubbed it in"

"it is here she landed, after her husband died of AIDS"

"here is where we defended ourselves"

"here are the hollow places in all of us"